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No weapons just targets, they infiltrated enemy maritime positions without CAS or Naval bombardment and eliminated enemy obstacles so that Rangers and infantry could do what they do best… kill ’em all and let God sort the rest.

– Tyson


As an honorably discharged US Navy Veteran and a current Tactical Medic I have tremendous respect for all SOF units.  However, since I was young I have always had the utmost respect for the men that have had the heart, will and sheer determination to earn their place with the US Navy SEALS.  I believe they are the most versatile and well rounded unit in the SOF arsenal.  When I think of SEALS I am reminded of Isaiah 6:8, which I believe embodies the spirit of the men in the SEALS best. “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

– CRT_Medic


Growing up I watched the movie “Navy SEALs” and thought it was awesome.  Afterwards all the way through high school I was training in order to join the Navy and volunteer for BUD/S so that I could earn the Trident.  Call it my dream if you will.  My junior year (I think) of high school I learned that being color blind and not perfect vision was disqualifying from BUD/S.  So that shot me down right quick.  However, the dream still stands and I still stand in awe of the gentlemen who earn the Trident and especially the guys chosen for “6.”

– CBlack



OpSec xoxo

– LauraWalkerKC


Greetings ~  “Who Dares Wins” – one of the military motto’s that I follow and take to heart personally.  This is a unique group of fighting men that I have always gained an interest for varying reasons.  Through the years, even before joining the military, I have been in awe of these men who worked, operated within the desert, living on what they had and gaining the will to survive, adapt, and overcome the extreme harsh climates during combat.

They had the skills and tactics to operate behind enemy lines, that were not only used in that time, but were also used/resurrected in ODS, during the Gulf War in 1991.  Whenever I can, I try to find any article, book, reading material that may give any insight into the world of the SAS, from its bare beginnings, through the various conflicts, to its present forms.

From reading about the SAS, I learned more about the other Special Operational Groups, including the SEALS, and Green Berets. – which are also on my top list of SOGs. – from reading about them, they too also caused a domino effect to take place, because then this opened up the door to the rest of SOG’s from around the world.  The SAS has a history of being the (base foundation) from which many other Groups emulate and I can see why.

This is just one of the many reasons – the SAS – is (just one) of my favourite Special Operational Groups that I have gained interest in, and continues to be a personal favourite SOF Unit.  Thank you for this opportunity to state this…

Respects ~

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– dethenigma

French Foreign Legion

Worked with them on several NATO excersises, they were great guys and loads of FUN.  By far some of the best drinking stories I have ever heard.

– Old PH2


I was a SEAL. BUD/S Class 57 SEAL TEAM ONE 70-73  Vietnam Combat Veteran…

– John Chalus

Navy SEALs

Lived in San Diego from birth until high school graduation. That’s pretty much the main reason I prefer them over other SOF units, I’m from a Navy town. SEALs have a lot more water involved ops (that I know of) which is another reason, as I am a waterman as well.  Also I feel that the SEALs are a lot more awe inspiring than other SOF.

At the DLIFLC, you see a few SOF guys and even foreign military guys come, but when a SEAL is there, he pretty much carries 10 fold the awesomeness of the other guys (maybe I’m biased, sorry). I only ever saw one SEAL there, though did see a few EOD guys, and a bunch of BUD/S drop outs.

– Chris M


Proudly served with them for several years as an intel officer.

– browcs

United States Navy Seals

Their history is amazing and their training is second to none.  They are on the cutting edge of tactics and gear and no task is unachiveable.

– uscglen


Gave me a few rides and always appreciated the inflight movies and cold frosty beverages!!!

– Wicky

Green Berets

I appreciate the focus on unconventional warfare. I think the tactics that Green Berets have employed for years will be studied for the future of warfare. Foreign language proficiency, cultural awareness, establishing a report with foreign forces in distant lands will become even more important as the face of global warfare changes and evolves.

– Medic7760


For many decades Navy Combat Search and Rescue and weapons qualification was done in the fleet ans specific to the helicopter in use.  The Navy SAR swimmer had other service ratings like Antisubmarine Warfare Operator or Aviation Ordinanceman and the duties that went with that Rating.  Now, the Navy is moving towards dedicated CSAR units that specialize in supporting SPW missions like the 160th SOAR does now.

– Sean Spoonts

SEAL Team 3

2 reasons: 1) I was part of the 7th Fleet and a chance to see these guys first hand and 2) Some cool dudes from 3 started this effort!  Go Navy

– FLNavyVet


cause theyre marines!

– Mikro


Because Brandon has been a great leader to not only his military peers but also a great person for allowing civilians like me to be entertained by him and his intelligence.

– PM9

Navy SEALs

22 years ago that I met the first navy seal, it happened in Rota’s Base (Spain) , I was in the UOE (Unidad de Operaciones Especiales) of Infantry Marine as a member  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unidad_de_Operaciones_Especiales  )  now the UNIT is called Fuerza de Guerra Naval Especial.

Well… I trained with them (SEAL TEAM X, and SEAL TEAM VI ) as well as UDT in exercises, maneouvers as skydiving, scubadiving..shooting.. and getting targets..they were always hepful, always brothers, always men who had the same goals as me, they taught me that one thing is the rule of the military aand another very diferent is the way for survive, I was very young and physically I was a real machine, but what about my news brothers? they were really strong , in all the ways.. one race of men, humble, wise and hard. As persons they were no perfect as me or other guys as us, but they knew how do it almost perfect.

I love them, now I’m living here in San Diego and my best friend is an Former Navy SEAL, and when we have a sit and we have a drink, I realize that before to be a warrior we were kids with one goal…one day to be among the best of the best.  Navy SEALs in my opinion is the most complete training actually (very similar to other forces) but with one plus….one tip… they are elected in a country of 310.000.000 people….it  is no easy to be one of them..and I can testify that I could not see a diference between one fish or one navy seal underwater.

Always in operations with submarines underwater or combat swimming the team plays with advance. I did the same game with almosy the same techniques and tactics but with unequal support.

– Oso

Navy SEALs

My Uncle flew Crusaders (Vought F8) in the navy. One day when I was a kid he and my father (who served in the Army) were talking about the SEAL teams and how impressive they were.  As two of the best leaders and heroes in my life were so impressed, I wanted to learn more about these teams.

Early on it was difficult as there was not much information available (let alone computers or internet). I would find what info, books or stories I could and as time passed more and more became available. Heck… now our President goes on air and tells us what SEAL Team 6 just did?!?!

I am so impressed with these men. I am impressed with, and grateful for, all our men and women who serve and fight for our country. All of our military SOF’s are incredible but I have always been amazed at the amount of strength, determination, aptitude, professionalism, resilience, and sacrifice it takes to become a SEAL and operate on a team. I’m a huge fan and extremely appreciative that our military has SEAL teams helping to protect our nation. I’m also a huge Blue Angel’s fan!

– EngelBrad

Intelligence Support Activity

I just have a thing for COMINT related activities.

– ryans

All of them

Impressed with all S.O.F. because of their dedication and sacrifice. Taken classes from Navy SEALs as well as other S.O.F. and proud that they took the time to “GIVE BACK” to us in the class on how to have a plan / train to improve our skill sets / and never fight fair!  Keep the Faith Brother

– Rick Beach/southcarolinaboy


I am a huge supporter of SOF in general, but in particular the SEALs. I am confident that there are no deficits of heroism which I will never know of within all of the teams, and it should remain that way. I have an infinite amount of respect of ALL of our warriors.

However, my affinity for Team 10 is based on the undaunted heroism and courage of the Operation Redwing operators, Marcus Luttrell, and Adam Brown from DEVGRU. I am not ashamed to admit that I tear up every time I reflect on the heroism of all of these men and thank God for them.

I am an American who has not served in the armed forces – I serve as a PA on the front lines of emergency medicine – but have the utmost respect for those who have, do, and will. I am a student of history and understand intellectually what it takes to maintain our freedoms, the sacrifices of our military members, and am privileged to provide medical care for a number of our bravest and their families.   THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU, FOR WHAT YOU DO. I APPRECIATE IT WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING.

– Veritasworld


Up until the last few years, the lads in the Air Force Special Tactics community and SOF community in general,  have been some of the least known operators to the American public.  The CCT’s, PJ’s, Combat Weathermen, etc., continue to play an integral role in our SOF operations worldwide even with their very limited numbers.  As with all of our SOF operators, they are truly the Tip of the spear.

– Hooch


I had a Vice Principal in High School who was Special Forces and did an excellent job of getting me all amped up about joining the Military – at the time the SEALS were really growing a huge mystique and that was where I wanted to go.  I really wanted to join the NAVY to ultimately become a SEAL.  The winter before I was going to join I skiing out of bounds in a storm with friends and ended up going over a near vertical 80 foot cliff band (long story) and fractured a few vertebrae (very small luckily) – not to mention ribs and a few other bones but I walked away and wasn’t hospitalized – VERY lucky – and so that thwarted any hopes at the time.  Today I have no issues from that fall but always wonder where I’d be today – anyway it’s really hard to have a favorite – I absolutely love all branches, especially our elite operators/forces  but for me the SEALS edge out on top.

– Cypher

Special Forces

This is such a hard one as ALL SOF units are so unique and are amazing warriors.  The reason I picked SF is because of their broad spectrum of mission capabilities.  While they share a lot of the same skills as other SOF units.  They are unique with their wide range of mission capabilities and are the best at it.  Respect has been earned and is deserved to ALL SOF units though.

– Wolf


Had the opportunity to work closely ISO a Troop (plus augmentation) when they were in Al Asad in ’05.  Exceedingly professional in every sense of the word.  Generous in sharing intel feed that we did not have access to greatly enhanced our ability to see the battlespace and watch their targeting process in action taught me a lot.  We were glad to have a platform they needed at that time to ingress and exfil certain urban targets as their armored vehicles were not faring so well.  First class warriors in all respects.

– Eric


Knew a few of them, worked with ex-members They do a job that needs to be done that few others can do, and I am loyal to the Army. When I had a chance I was too old and out of shape LOL.

– Medic-One


Iranian embassy, Bravo-2-Zero… their training, misions, know-how, boldness, and above all: Courage.  Who Dares Wins

– RolfDFA

73 SOS

Only gunship that will fly during the daylight hours.  We’ll get up there and provide ISR and CAS for any unit that requests us.  Plus the aircraft is always changing and getting new modifications.  More power to support the ground forces.

– Grumpy311


They are the only SOF unit I have had the pleasure of working with.  Very profesional.

– Lethaldose

Navy SEALs

I have a friend who has been in the Navy 29 years and in the SEALs app. 27 years. He’s going to get his 30 years in sometime in 2013 and then retire.  One odd thing is he always buys and drives BMW’s instead of a pickup truck or suv.  LOL!  An eccentric SEAL.

– AlBundy


I am a Navy veteran.  STG3(SW) aboard the USS Spruance DD963 from 86-89

– BomberBobbyV


First, let me say I appreciate ALL who serve, regardless of unit, military branch or job.  Each individual has an important place and purpose that allows the ‘whole’ to operate.

I suppose I choose SEALs because of their versatility – sea, air and land, which requires specific expertise and training for each.  It also speaks volumes for the intelligence and dedication it requires to operate as a small group, utilizing stealth, detailed planning, and a great deal of flexibility and adaptability.  The character, integrity, and honor is clearly evident.

From what I’ve seen (very little and never personally) SEALs walk their talk.  I would admire any individual with all the characteristics I mentioned…they just seem to be more plentiful in SEALs.  And to be fair, I know far less about Rangers and other SOF units.  But there is just ‘something’ about guys that jump out of airplanes into ice cold waters to get to land where they will push themselves beyond what most would think is doable – in order to accomplish what they set out to do.

How could one not be in awe of that?

– Storm


Love the water and ever since I was in high school I’ve been reading anything I can get my hands on about them. Their capability over almost every spectrum of warfare is beyond impressive.

– Jake

U.S. Army Special Forces

Other than the fact that I am on this path of trying to become one, is that they do a little bit of everything, I’ll go ahead and assume less water ops than seals, but around a year ago, I saw a documentary, and an SF operator was explaining why he would rather himself go take care of an issue than some 18 year old private, his words I believe were ‘a barrel chested freedom fighter’ this passion really sank in to me, so then I inquired about them, then joined cms.sofrep.com! Now I’m hopefully signing my contract soon, and off to basic!

– Hunter Nieto


It is in the name….the SEALs do it ALL!!!

– SWAT77


While all the different SOF are impressive in their respecitive missions, as a life-long boater and fan of Naval history, I think I naturally gravitate towards the SEALs. Trained to take on the mission, whether it be recon or a fight, in any environment, especially water.

– LauraK

Special Forces or ISA

SF- Because my dad grew up in El Salvador during their civil war and always talked highly of how remarkable SF soldiers were. They were willing to help, assist, and fight for the villagers where he lived.  ISA- When you know about them. You can’t help but love them.

– jflo


 Blue and gold runs through my veins. I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing men in UDT and the Teams. I was stationed in San Diego and surfed with some of those men. I find that a lot of the parts that make up a SEAL, both intellectually and physically, to be worth living in my own life.

One of the most powerful parts of their creed, (You are never out of the fight) resonates in my life. Never giving up is a powerful thought!   I am attaching a painting that I did to honor all who were lost in Operation Redwings. I have other works that I have done that are dedicated to all who have worn the uniform. I am working on new paintings dedicated to NSWC at this time.

– vp31det

SEAL Team 3

I met Brandon at Mike’s dive shop (Channel Island Scuba).  In fact, Brandon sold me my first mask. Later when I became friends with Mike D. he would tell me stories of both Brandon’s and Joe’s adventure’s in the teams.  Mike would share photos sent from the front and some of the items returned from overseas as well. He even showed me an AK that was “liberated” from the sand-box by one of his “brothers” as he called both Brandon and Joe.

I followed their careers through Mike every time we went diving until his death 5 years ago. I truly miss my friend but am glad to see Brandon has surfaced and is out front leading the pact.

– Mario


(About the Featured Image: A Special Forces Soldier scans the terrain after a short night’s sleep during a three-day mission through the mountains of Bagwa, Farah province, Afghanistan Feb. 25.)