While many presidents have flown on many planes, Eisenhower was the first to actually fly on Air Force One. He may not have had tequila while onboard, but the guys building it probably did. So, get ready for a bumpy ride!



I was an Air Force aircraft maintainer for 20 years. I know how much those guys drink because I’ve done quite a bit of it myself. Even Air Force One maintainers drink. You work a mid-shift, 2300 to 0700, then get off and head to the closest watering hole. But it’s closed, because who the hell is drinking at 7 AM?!? So you head home, grab a bottle out of the cupboard, and pour a couple of fingers of some good bourbon (because you’re not a savage).

Next morning, you clock out again, but this time your buddy has a bottle, and the hangar’s empty ‘cuz it’s Saturday and f**k-me Friday has kept you there long past when you should have been home in bed. Next thing you know, somebody has pulled out the restraint harnesses and you’re all Supermanning on the fall-restraint system. Don’t tell me you haven’t done it because you were drunk and just don’t remember. Those bruises around your armpits tell a different story…



Lego superman
Superman Figure (Pixabay)

For anyone not familiar with fall-restraint or fall-arresting systems, they are what drunk maintainers use to “Superman” with. Strap on a harness, clip on to the safety line running the length of the hangar, and WHEEEEEE!! As long as the tool crib operators are in on it, nobody is the wiser. Until the colonel finds the tequila bottle on the flight deck…

Working the massive C-5 Galaxy, we would often find evidence of partying on jets that came back from the depot. Depot-level maintenance is when the jet is inspected nose to tail. Countless hours are spent taking it apart, wringing out systems, and putting it all back together again, hopefully with only a few leftover pieces. Some extra pieces found might include empty cigarette packs, dip cans, and empty liquor bottles and beer cans. I once found a six-pack of pull tab PBR behind a panel of a C-5. Pull tab!