Gunmen opened fire in a busy marketplace in Kokrajhar, Assam (Assam is a state in Northeast India) killing 14 and wounding at least 15 people. One of the terrorists was killed by security forces after they exchanged gunfire for approximately 20 minutes. An AK-47 was reportedly found with the dead terrorist. Security forces are still searching for at least three other terrorists.

A survivor, Santosh Narzary, a trader at the market, said, “I saw one gunman dressed in black raincoat-like gown and another two were sitting in an autorickshaw. He wasn’t firing indiscriminately but targeting people and taking one shot at a time.”- Times of India


According to the India Express, police suspect National Democratic Front of Bodoland NDFB(S) (Songbijit) was behind the attack. NDFB was created in 1988 and entered into a cease-fire with the Assam government in 2005. In 2012, the group split and formed NDFB(S) after the ‘army commander’ I K Songbijit was upset with the group’s participation in the peace talks. NDFB(S) is believed to have at least 300 members in the area. The group is supposedly fighting for a separate Bodoland, even though its founder Songbojit is not a Bodo himself. Since 2012, the group has killed at least 200 people. The last large attack by NDFB(S) was in December 2014 when they killed 51 people in four separate attacks.