A deadly terrorist raid on Sunday in the war-torn tri-border region of Burkina Faso has killed 32 people. The raid comes just days after seven security force personnel were killed in another attack. 

The raid took place before dawn on a military police base near the village of Inata in the restive province of Soum. The military police unit targeted was a provisional one that had been placed near the Inata gold mine. 

Initially, Burkinabe officials said the death toll was 19 officers and one civilian but was expected to rise due to several officers having sustained severe wounds. Now, the death toll, after a release by security officials, sits at 28 officers and four civilians. 

The attack is the deadliest suffered by Burkina Faso troops since an insurgency by Islamist militants began in 2015. 

Troops from Burkina Faso patrol in a technical vehicle along the tri-border area trying to counter Islamic jihadist terror groups. (Twitter)

Unidentified gunmen attacked another military police unit in the Kelbo region of northern Burkina Faso on Sunday. Troops were able to rally and push the assailants back, the government said in its statement.

“This morning a detachment of the gendarmerie suffered a cowardly and barbaric attack. They held their position,” Security Minister Maxime Kone said on Sunday about the attack in Kelbo. 

A report from Reuters said that the post had run out of food and had resorted to slaughtering local animals for the past two weeks in order to eat, in a message sent by the post commander to his higher headquarters.