Last week, two U.S. Marine pilots joined the likes of previous Navy and Air Force pilots that have been administratively chastised for using their aircraft to draw penises in the sky. Now, it appears test pilots out of Seville, Spain may be looking to join the fight with a festive twist; apparently drawing a massive “dick in a box” in the skies over the Gulf of Cadiz. This drawing, like the Marine Corps drawing over Southern California last month, wasn’t visible to the naked eye but could be clearly seen via flight tracker.

According to the tracking software, the aircraft responsible for this homage to Saturday Night Live’s famous “Dick in a Box” music video starring Andy Sandberg and Justin Timberlake was an Airbus A400M Atlas — a military transport aircraft used to replace dated airlift platforms like Transall C-160s and older Lockheed C-130s in European military forces like Germany, the U.K., and France. Airbus maintains a manufacturing plant for the A400M in Seville, Spain; so this piece of modern art was likely the handiwork of Airbus test pilots operating out of the plant.

German Air Force Airbus A400M (WikiMedia Commons)

Two Marine Corps pilots who have not been identified have reportedly been grounded after drawing a similar phallus over the Saltan Sea with their T-34C single-prop training aircraft last month.

That incident was actually the third reported penis left in the skies by military aviators, with both Navy and Air Force pilots drawing large ones in the skies over Washington State and Germany respectively over the past year. Those penises were drawn by jet contrails, however, rather than with their flight paths… making them readily visible to everyone on the ground.