It doesn’t get much better than this folks. You have a phony SEAL reporter writing up another phony SEAL for his heroics (you’ll have the watch the video). What’s this country coming too, thank goodness there’s people like Don to hold these scum bags accountable.  I can only imagine what the good people of Texas and their reaction will be when they out this scum bag.


From Don Shipley

Phony Navy SEAL of the Week and ABC News Reporter BOBBY HALLMARK JR. from Longview, Texas. Bob has endless claims of being a Navy SEAL Vietnam Vet and he is neither…

His latest claims, after being exposed, are that he was “Vietnam Era” and he wasn’t even that much less a Navy SEAL… The Fall of Saigon occurred on April 29th, 1975. The National Defense Service Medal for Vietnam even stopped being issued on August 14, 1974. President Gerald R. Ford announced on May 7, 1975 that the Vietnam Era had ENDED… And Bob joined the navy on April 11th, 1977…

I found several references to Bob being a Navy SEAL in the attached link and several “spin offs” of the original article online.… A reporter from ABC / CNN came out to meet us. His name is Bob Hallmark, as it turns out, Bob is an ex Navy Seal…. Actually from the original UDT.

Bob first claimed to me he served in 1975 and not 1972 as the news video showed. Confronted again, Bob changed that to 1977. Bob served for three years and should have been proud of that instead of embellishing his service…………

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