I saw photos of this suspicious device or “IED” before it went viral and laughed. I went further and replied to the photos, calling it: “f*cking junk.”

A crude device was found cached under a bridge in Central Texas, last Tuesday – 04 May 2016. The good people of the town of Rosebud in McLennan County notified the Sheriff’s department, who called in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and they, in turn, requested the local fire department to bring out a pumper truck to the bridge in question. All the while the town, 1,400 strong gazed onto the spectacle and wondered if “the terrorists were in town” as a fire hose was used to render the improvised-explosive-device – officially inert.

From the firehose grade wash-out from under the bridge, authorities also found among the muck, varmints, and trash. A few shotgun shells and a collage of junk, that if properly McGuyvered – on a perfect day – could then, possibly be made into the weapon of mass destruction that reports have suggested. A flammable liquid was also found, a basic propellant such as a can of hair spray, gallon of gas, nail polish remover, oven cleaner, and etcetera.

The device looked like something I made when I was a kid. Resembling what may very well have been a prop, a failed scientific endeavor of eccentric kids or even bored hillbillies. The taped up piece of scrap and dated tech, appears to have fallen out the pages of the Poor Man’s James Bond and any Hollywood stab in the dark at an IED, which was quite poorly constructed. Even if the cellular remote detonation initiation system functioned, the size as well as the buffer and packing of the scattered “shrapnel” found near the washed-out device would not have traveled very far.

If this IED-thingy happened to have gone off while under the bridge in question, or even at a historical covered wooden bridge – the structure of both would have been unaffected, and maybe a nearby grass fire would have been initiated.

Authorities are labeling this “IED” find, which was rendered safe through hydro-interrogation (fire hose) a disarmament. The fire department is not pictured, even though they should be credited with the hydro-interrogation.

Image courtesy of NBCDFW.

Overall, that’s a lot of information in shock words which is given to the nation; over a maybe, kind-of, could have possibly been something. While there are “pipe-bombs,” a war on terror and other threats to the nation, which occur most typically as an unreported crime. Meanwhile, the public is provided with exaggeration and shock doctrine. Scaring people gets ratings, and after all; who doesn’t love a good scary movie?

I’m not saying that I’m opposed to bad news . . . but damn, it’s as bad as a used car lot in the news media these days.