Sadly, this week police officer David Hofer was shot and killed in a planned ambush in Euless, Texas. I interviewed an officer with firsthand knowledge of the incident, and he told me the suspect was identified as 22-year-old Jorge Brian Gonzalez, a known meth user and dealer in the area.

Gonzalez was released from jail the same morning as the shooting, and had only served three days of his 90-day sentence before being released by the county. Gonzalez was angry at law enforcement for being arrested and set up his plan of attack after finding weapons in a house he just burglarized.

Police officer David Hofer (age 29)

Gonzalez created barricades and a funnel-type ambush zone inside the hallway of the house. He called 911 with a fake disturbance call to lure police into the ambush. As the officers arrived, they failed to fall for his trap. Gonzalez then ran out the back door to a secondary fighting position inside of a culvert. Armed with a long-range rifle, he shot officer Hofer in the head.

Due to lack of cover and concealment, the other officers were unable to effectively engage the suspect with their pistols. Shortly after shooting the officer, Gonzalez was shot and killed by a SWAT sniper from approximately 150 meters away.