Who’s flying the best SOF units into harm’s way?

JSOCs TF 160th, that’s who.

Helicopter pilots in general are often the black sheep of the military aviation community.  I saw this first hand as an H-60 Search & Rescue Swimmer Crew Chief (AW) before I went into the SEALs.  A lot of jet jocks would shun their nose at the Helo pilots.  I’d like to see their fucking eyes go big watching the Bad Ass pilots of TF 160. I have a feeling their jet egos would shrink up and the pitch in their voice would get real high……

From USASOC’s Sine Pari Magazine
“On Oct. 16, 1981, the Department of Defense officially recognized a unit dedicated to providing helicopter support to the nation’s Special Operations Forces. That small formation has evolved into today’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne).”