I was invited by the venerable SOFREP Senior Writer Luke Ryan to contribute a measure of an addendum to his series on the on-going crisis in Thailand, the Tham Luang Nang Non (Cave of Our Sleeping Lady) soccer team rescue. The request for a follow-on update, yes, but from the perspective of a military diver.

I am a graduate of the U.S. Army Special Forces Underwater Operations Course, basic course, and the advanced Diver Supervisor Course. Stepping out of those two courses I was qualified for an honorary Advanced Open-Water Diver qualification from MAUI. I came into the Army already with a civilian rating and formal qualification with PADI.

Caveat: Army tactical combat divers do not presume to be Navy SEALs; that is, they have a dive mission that encompasses only a portion of the broader mission statement that their Navy counterparts, SEALs, embrace and train for. I don’t pit one diver against the other; both are highly efficient at their assigned mission intent.

The bad news, the crisis in the Chiang Rai cave system is far from over.