I recently came across this documentary and thought I would share it with the SOFREP readers. (It has been out for a little while so some of you may have already seen it). Tyler Grey and Jayson Floyd recount their very personal struggles with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) in their documentary called “That Which I Love Destroys Me.” Their pain and emotions are raw, unfiltered, and genuinely honest. Their message is clear and to the point: The emotions that veterans may feel after deploying are normal and something that can be overcome. Suicide is not the answer to ending the pain of PTSD.

I like the analogy that Jayson uses for overcoming PTSD. PTSD is like a scab that is ripped off every day and washed in order to heal, and every day the scab gets smaller and smaller. You learn to anticipate the pain of ripping it off and washing it. Before you know it, the wound has healed and you are left with a scar. You then must learn to live with that scar, eventually loving the new you.

This is a great resource to walk you through how veterans feel coming back from the battlefield after experiencing the worst of the worst. If you haven’t watched this documentary yet, you should definitely check it out.