The Best of the Best

The 40th U.S. Army Best Ranger Competition concluded recently with standout performances from the 75th Ranger Regiment. The event, which involved 56 teams from across the army, was dominated by 1st Lt. Andrew Winski and Sgt. Matthew Dunphy from the 2nd Battalion emerged victorious after three grueling days of challenges. These challenges tested a broad range of military skills, from marksmanship to physical endurance, through obstacle courses and ruck marches.

Triumph for the 75th Ranger Regiment

The victory at this event adds to a week of triumphs for the 75th Ranger Regiment, as they also secured top positions in both the International Best Mortar and Best Sniper Competitions held at Fort Moore’s U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence. This series of wins showcases the regiment’s versatile skills in various military disciplines, from precision shooting to strategic team maneuvers under simulated combat conditions.

Moreover, earlier achievements in March by members of the same regiment at the U.S. Army Best Medic Competition underscore their consistent performance across different military contests. The comprehensive skill set displayed by these soldiers highlights their readiness and adaptability, essential traits for the Army’s elite units.

The awards ceremony for the Best Ranger Competition is scheduled for Monday, April 15, when the achievements of these elite competitors will be formally recognized.