American was stunned yesterday to see a huge demonstration in favor of President Trump turning into a large group of people marching to the Capitol building. The group forced the Capitol’s evacuation and delayed the electoral votes’ certification. The certification eventually confirmed that Joe Biden will be sworn in as president of the United States. While reports on the extent of the damage done to the Capitol building itself are still coming in, this was a riot on the lighter side of what we have seen previously this year. No statues were toppled, no fires were lit and no businesses were vandalized or looted. Among the protestors it is reported that 33 were arrested, 13 were injured, three succumbed to medical emergencies and one was killed by a gunshot fired by Capitol Police.

The Legacy Media headlines look like this:

“Trump Supporters Storm The Capitol” Washington Post

“Pro Trump Mob Causes Halt To Vote” NY Times

“Hill Chaos Turns Deadly After Rioters Storm The Capitol” Politico

“From Historic Day to Insurrection, How The Mob Takeover Of The Capitol Unfolded…” Washington Post

We bolded some of the words in these headlines to make a point about language and how important it is and continues to be in politics and media coverage of it. Several hundred thousand people began the day as “Trump Supporters” and ended it with all of them tarred as a Riotous Mob that Stormed the Capitol in an Insurrection.

Are we a divided country? You bet. Divided in no small part by the language used in the last four years by politicians on both sides of the aisle. The Right and the Left have both poisoned the level of discourse in this country. The Left views the right as “evil racist Nazis” and the Right views the Left as “Godless baby-killing Communists.” And to be sure, some on both sides fit the bill perfectly.