The Nigerian military conducted a large anti-terrorist raid on Friday. During the raid it killed 89 suspected gunmen and cattle rustlers, while recovering large amounts of arms and ammunition, the Nigerian military said in a statement.

Major General John Enenche, the spokesman for the Nigerian military, added that five hostages, including three women and two men, were rescued during the operation in the Zurmi region of the northwestern Zamfara state. 

Enenche said that the Nigerian forces were supported by two helicopter gunships as well as by military forces from the neighboring country of Niger. “Additionally, 322 rustled cows, 77 motorcycles, and some nine cell phones were recovered from the gunmen,” Enenche added.

Enenche said in a comment, with echoes of the times of Judge Roy Bean, that the government was trying to reunite the hostages with their families and the cattle with their rightful owners.