According to the Army Times and Defense News, the U.S. Army is currently testing the Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS).

The IVAS system essentially works as a heads-up display in the form of goggles. The goggles provide the status of each soldier, showing hydration, fatigue, stress, and temperature. The goggles will also help soldiers with target acquisition and accuracy during an engagement, allowing them to hit targets at a much greater range.

Of course, the goggles can record all actions and movement as well. They can thus serve as a tool for training and real-world after-action reports by showing the location and movements of each soldier in a unit.

The system will also greatly improve land navigation. The heads-up display within the goggles shows a compass and a 3D map. On this map, soldiers are able to mark friendly and enemy locations and send this information to others in their unit.