The list of WWII machine guns is long as many countries were manufacturing their own. Nevertheless, a few among them really stand out. So, without further ado, SOFREP presents the best WWII machine guns (and for those keeping track, the list is in no particular order).

Japanese Type 99

The Best WWII Machine Guns

Japanese Type 99 light machine gun. The Type 99 light machine gun (LMG) was used by the Imperial Japanese Army. The design was quite similar to the earlier Type 96, but Type 99 fired the new and more powerful 7.7 mm Arisaka cartridge, replacing the weaker 6.5mm cartridge. This improved its power by over 50 percent. 

The Type 99 Light Machine gun entered service in 1939. It also saw service in the Chinese Civil War, the Korean War, and was even used during the war in Vietnam.