In recent years, the concept of “wokeness” has gained significant attention, permeating various aspects of society, including politics and the military. While the intentions behind promoting social justice and equality are noble, the implementation of “woke” political policies within the military has had a negative impact on senior military leadership, its effectiveness, and operational readiness. This essay aims to explore how the infusion of such policies, which primarily focus on identity politics and political correctness, has negatively influenced the armed forces.

Erosion of Meritocracy

One of the detrimental effects of woke political policy on the military is the erosion of meritocracy. Traditionally, the military has prided itself on valuing and rewarding individuals based on their skills, abilities, and performance, regardless of their background or identity. However, with the introduction of woke policies, there has been an increasing emphasis on diversity quotas and prioritizing identity-based factors during promotions and hiring processes. Consequently, this undermines the notion of meritocracy and raises concerns about the effectiveness of the military’s leadership structure.

Lowering of Standards

Another negative consequence of the woke political policy within the military is the potential lowering of standards to accommodate diversity and inclusivity. The military’s primary objective is to defend national security, and ensuring that service members are physically and mentally capable is of utmost importance. However, when policies are enacted to prioritize diversity over equal standards, it can compromise the overall readiness and effectiveness of the armed forces. Lowering standards for recruitment or physical fitness requirements based on gender or other identity factors weakens the military’s ability to perform at its best.

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz Warns of Wokeness in the Military

Division and Distrust

The infusion of woke political policies can also lead to division and distrust within the military ranks. These policies often focus on highlighting and addressing historical injustices, which can inadvertently create a sense of victimhood or guilt among certain groups. When identity politics becomes a central focus, it can lead to an “us versus them” mentality, undermining cohesion and esprit de corps within the military. This division hampers teamwork, trust, and the ability to execute missions effectively.

Distraction from Core Mission

Perhaps one of the most significant negative impacts of woke political policy is the diversion of attention and resources from the core mission of the military. The military exists to protect the nation and its citizens, and any policies or initiatives that detract from this primary objective can be detrimental. When commanders and military leaders are forced to prioritize implementing diversity training or other social justice initiatives, it can divert time, energy, and resources away from training, preparedness, and operational readiness. This distraction can ultimately weaken the military’s ability to respond to threats and fulfill its crucial role.

Politicization of the Military

Lastly, the infusion of woke political policy into the military has the potential to politicize the institution. The military has traditionally prided itself on being apolitical, focused solely on defending the nation and upholding the Constitution. However, when political ideologies and agendas are introduced into military policies, it can compromise the neutrality and impartiality of the armed forces. This politicization not only undermines the military’s credibility but also creates a divisive atmosphere where individuals may feel compelled to conform to certain ideologies rather than focusing on their duty to the nation.

Sheep leading Lions

Wokeness has negatively affected senior military leadership. There has been a growing concern that the leadership of the US Military senior leadership is becoming more like sheep, lacking the boldness and decisiveness that our service members deserve. It is imperative that we have leaders who embody the spirit of lions, capable of making tough decisions, leading from the front, and ensuring the best interests of our military personnel.