As the political parties in the United States continue to fail Americans, the need for a political party that embodies Americanism becomes increasingly apparent. The extreme policies espoused by both left progressivism and right nationalism have polarized the nation, hindering progress and fostering division. It is now time to reject these radical ideologies and seek a balanced approach that encapsulates the true essence of Americanism.

The Pitfalls of Left Progressivism

Left progressivism, focusing on social justice and equality, has gained significant traction recently. Unfortunately, the quest for social justice and equality has caused divisiveness and inequality. Its extreme policies often neglect the principles of individual liberty, limited government, and free markets that have been the foundation of American society. While addressing issues such as income inequality and racism is crucial, it is equally essential to preserve the core values that define Americanism.

The Perils of Right Nationalism

On the other hand, right nationalism has also gained popularity. However, extreme nationalism risks alienating minority groups, fostering isolationism, and undermining the nation’s commitment to global cooperation. In an increasingly interconnected world, balancing defending national interests and promoting international collaboration is essential.

The Essence of Americanism

At its core, Americanism is about embracing diversity, fostering unity, and upholding the principles enshrined in the Constitution. It recognizes the importance of individual rights, equal opportunities, and a society built on justice and fairness. Americanism values the contributions of immigrants who have shaped the nation and celebrates the unique cultural tapestry that defines the United States.

The Need for a Balanced Political Party

To move forward as a nation, it is crucial to reject the extremes of left progressivism and right nationalism. A balanced political party that embraces Americanism can bridge the divide, drawing on the best aspects of both ideologies. Such a party would prioritize social justice while championing individual freedoms, recognize the importance of a strong economy while ensuring fairness, and advocate for national interests without sacrificing global cooperation.

The Principles of a Party Embracing Americanism

A political party embodying Americanism would promote policies prioritizing education, providing equal access to quality education for all, and ensuring every American can succeed. It would advocate for a just and fair society, addressing income inequality, racism, and gender disparities. Furthermore, it would support a strong economy, encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation while promoting sustainable economic growth and job creation.


In conclusion, the time has come for a political party that embraces Americanism, rejecting the extreme policies of both left progressivism and right nationalism. Americanism represents the essence of the nation, encompassing the principles of individual liberty, equal opportunities, and justice for all. A balanced political party that embodies Americanism can bridge the divide, addressing social issues while upholding core values, promoting economic prosperity while ensuring fairness, and defending national interests while fostering global cooperation. Through this balanced approach, we can reclaim the spirit of unity and progress that defines the United States.

Donald C. Bolduc