“When a man or woman who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he or she will either cease to be mistaken or cease being honest.” Thomas Paine (I added the female noun and pronoun reference).

At a time, Americans thought of themselves as collectively strong; we now identify ourselves as individually entitled. This is my most significant observation since retiring from the United States Military. A lot is written about the decline of America. It is likely the moral failure that will lead to the demise of America. We are a weaker nation than at any other time in our country’s history. Does this mean the end of America? No, it does not, but this country will eventually fail if we do not change our direction.

In the national and international security realm, Americans overwhelmingly view China as a threat to the United States rather than a “partner.” ACCORDING TO A PEW RESEARCH CENTER SURVEY, most U.S. adults think their country is failing to win the competition for geopolitical influence. Russia, North Korea, and Iran are also aligned with China and oppose all national interests of the United States of America.

We are still reeling from the embarrassment and fallout of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which encouraged China to support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. America lost the trust and confidence of the world. The Russian invasion of the Ukraine threatens Europe and further divides America. Our nuclear containment policy is weak and allows North Korea and Iran to expand their nuclear programs at the expense of the security stability in their regions. Our inability to determine a strong position in support of Taiwan creates uncertainty and instability in Asia.