The current discussions surrounding the possibility of war with Iran by the Biden Administration and Congress in Washington, DC, have raised concerns among many. This essay argues that such talks are extremely dangerous due to the demonstrated incompetence of the Biden Administration in national security foreign policy, the inability of Congress to effectively cooperate, and the failure of senior civilian and military leadership in adequately preparing for potential conflicts. The American people must pay attention and voice their concerns to prevent an ill-advised and potentially disastrous war.

Incompetence in National Security Foreign Policy

The Biden Administration has displayed a lack of effectiveness and competence in conducting national security foreign policy. From the onset, their approach has been inconsistent, leading to confusion and unpredictability. The abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan without a well-defined plan resulted in a chaotic situation, leaving Afghan allies stranded and weakening America’s global standing. This demonstrates a lack of foresight and strategic planning, raising doubts about the administration’s ability to handle potential conflicts. The handling of the Ukraine War is also an example of the incompetence of the Biden Administration’s ability to deter and influence Russia and China through diplomacy.

It is also clear that the Biden Administration Is taking the wrong approach in support of our Israeli partners against Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran.

Furthermore, the Biden administration’s approach toward Iran has been marked by inconsistency and indecisiveness. This mixed messaging not only undermines potential diplomatic efforts but also heightens the risk of an unintended escalation into a full-scale conflict.