In a previous essay on Americanism, I suggested the time has come for a political party that embraces Americanism, rejecting the extreme policies of both left progressivism and right nationalism and embracing Americanism, which encompasses the principles of individual liberty, equal opportunities, and justice for all.

Throughout American history, politicians, special interest groups, the wealthy political elite, and the media have influenced the political landscape. Unfortunately, their actions have often resulted in the creation of divisions among Americans, exploiting factors such as creed, race, sex, and religion. This essay argues that these divisive tactics have undermined the essence of Americanism by placing the interests of politicians, special interests, the political elite, and the media above the well-being of the people. Consequently, the political system no longer prioritizes the principles enshrined in the preamble of the Constitution, and the greater good of society is sacrificed for personal gain.

The Erosion of the Greater Good

The erosion of Americanism through divisive tactics and the prioritization of personal gain over the greater good has created a political system that fails to put people first. The manipulation of creed, race, sex, and religion has deepened societal divisions, fostering hatred and animosity among Americans. This undermines the principles of unity and inclusivity enshrined in the preamble of the Constitution but also perpetuates a system that favors politicians, special interests, and the wealthy political elite.

To restore the essence of Americanism, it is imperative to reject divisive tactics and prioritize the common good of all Americans. This requires a collective effort to bridge divides, promote inclusivity, and reestablish a political system representing and serving the people’s interests. By recognizing the power of unity and embracing the diversity that defines this nation, we can work toward a society that upholds the principles of equality, justice, and fairness.

The undermining of Americanism through the exploitation of creed, race, sex, and religion has resulted in a political system that no longer prioritizes the people. The actions of politicians, special interest groups, and the wealthy political elite have created divisions and sown the seeds of hatred among Americans. This erodes the ideals of “We the People” and perpetuates a system that privileges personal gain over the common good. To reclaim the true essence of Americanism, it is essential to reject divisiveness, prioritize unity, and work toward a society that places the well-being of all its citizens at the forefront.

The United States of America was founded on equality and justice for all. These principles are enshrined in our founding documents, such as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which serve as the backbone of our nation. Creed, race, sex, and religion were explicitly mentioned in these documents to ensure that every American has equal rights under the law. However, over the last 60 years, these very factors have been misused and manipulated to create divisiveness and perpetuate hatred in our society. It is high time that we recognize the need to unite, regardless of creed, race, sex, and religion, to unify and respect each other.