What happens when a former Navy SEAL and a former CIA officer get together and decide to study the drug trade? A splendid and gripping documentary series.

The Bussiness of Drugs, which premiers today on NETFLIX, offers an original approach to the international drug trade. Created and produced by former Navy SEAL and journalist Kaj Larsen and hosted by former CIA operations officer Amaryllis Fox, the six-episode series examines the illicit global narco-trafficking trade through an economic and business lens.

From the jungle labs of Colombia to the mountains of Myanmar to war-torn Afghanistan to Africa, Larsen and Fox focus on six narcotics (cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, cannabis, synthetics, and opioids). Tracing these drugs’ journey from the source country to the end-user, the Business of Drugs reveals a murky world of profit, violence, graft, addiction, social injustice, and prison.

Who profits and who loses from a multi-billion dollar global enterprise? By understanding narcotrafficking, through a business lens, the series reveals the modern drug cartels as highly organized multinational corporations akin to well-known corporate giants.

Kaj during his time on the SEAL Teams.

The economics of the drug business might be the primary focus of the series, but it isn’t the sole one. To understand the effects and popularity of drugs, one has to understand the science behind them. By interviewing several experts from a wide range of fields, Larsen and Fox succeed in identifying and translating the complex biochemical side-effects of drugs on the human body.

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, Larsen and Fox study the connection of the drug trade to social injustice in the U.S. Did you know that every 25 seconds, someone in America is arrested for drug possession? Were you aware that minorities are disproportionally affected by the drug trade with almost 80 percent of people serving time for a federal drug offense being Black or Latino?

With a price tag of approximately $1 trillion since 1971, when the U.S. government started the War on Drugs, the drug trade is still pertinent even if it’s not on the headlines.

The series, which was produced with Zero Point Zero (Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown), is worth your time and attention.