Just when you thought Captain Crozier was headed back to the bridge of the USS Theodore Roosevelt and this whole “incident” was just a bad dream for him and the Navy at large, think again.

Crozier is officially not being reinstated. Not only that, but it appears that some other individuals may be “going down with the ship” along with Crozier.

It is relatively obvious that a number of bad decisions were made and there was unprofessional and impulsive behavior committed by all parties involved, which resulted in a smear of bad publicity and misinformation. The rushed decision to remove Crozier before a legitimate investigation was conducted, only complicated the situation.

In April, after the initial “scandal,” Acting Navy Secretary, Thomas Modly, fired Crozier. He then proceeded to fly out to Guam and talk crap about Crozier to the Roosevelt’s crew. This culmination of unscrupulous acts quickly led to his resignation.