I am about to break some news here, people. Brace yourselves, America.

The CIA breaks laws. All the time. All over the world.

It does so pretty much every single day of the year. It breaks any laws it needs to, with the exception of U.S. laws, to get its job done. The CIA does not break American laws. That would be illegal for the CIA, and against its charter. Every other country’s laws, though? Oh yes. Those are merely roadblocks to the collection of valuable intelligence.

Now, despite my tongue-in-cheek opening sentence, I am not saying anything new here, hopefully. This is as well-known a fact as saying that members of the military (any military, anywhere) commit the act of killing—usually an illegal act—in the course of war. It is expected, and really, kind of the point once you strip away all of the political reasoning and geopolitical fluff from the execution of warfare.