If only we could go back to the pre-political-correctness era of a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that would think outside the box and develop all sorts of whacky gadgets, programs (like mind control), and weapons like the CIA heart attack gun.

A big problem we face in the modern-CIA era is that the agency is way more restricted than our adversaries’ (like Russia) intelligence apparatuses in what it can and can’t do. This is the main reason a guy like Putin can just poison people he doesn’t like and Saudi Arabia can just kill and chop up journalists and get away with it.

There’s not a chance that the CIA would or could act like this today. This is why, nowadays, most of the wet work is done in the shadows by Black Special Ops programs overseas working within the military intelligence machine and not the CIA.

And the agency is not happy about this.

Imagine the headlines. “CIA poisons North Korean dictator’s bubble gum!” You wish, CIA!

A Battle of Agencies

Let’s hop into the time-travel machine and twist the date knob back to the great 1950s. When it was considered healthy to smoke Camels, In the Still of the Night was a hit song and America was at the height of her power.

Doctos smoke Camels poster
A campaign advertisement from a bygone era.

The United States was then unafraid to push the boundaries of just about anything, including creative ways to kill people that needed to be removed discreetly, like our pal, Fidel Castro, in Cuba.

Enter, the CIA heart-attack-gun program.