Dedication for this write goes to NEWSREP Sister Micky “Mic-Mac” Mitchell

“And that, my friends, is just the tip of the iceberg… just the tip, you see, because we all know damn-well that the greatest mass of an iceberg is that portion residing under the surface of the sea… that mass that we cannot see!”

“Just the tip of the iceberg.”

That’s a worn out metaphor that I didn’t like even the first time I heard it, the last time, or all the times in-between. Or is it a cliché? I think it rather a metaphor that has become distinctly cliché. But may lightning strike me dead if it really is not just the best way to proportion the combination of the “visible” and “invisible” Internet as it exists today.

Stop! Collaborate and listen…


The visible Internet, or the tip of the iceberg, is the Internet as we all know it: searches from,,… THE INTERNET! If your favorite Internet search engine — like, or whatever — can search it out and find it, it belongs to the tip of the Internet iceberg.