The public hearing for the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump is underway, and while a lot of the nation’s attention is focused on domestic politics, it’s important to remember that the world continues to turn even when our attention wanes. As Republicans and Democrats in Washington D.C. and all around the nation fortify their positions for political combat, America’s military apparatus remains operational, America’s diplomatic and military opponents remain active, and threats on the horizon continue to loom just as large in the absence of press coverage.

Now, before we can discuss the potential ramifications of an impeachment inquiry and potential subsequent impeachment, it’s important to establish up front that the fact that there are reverberating effects throughout America’s foreign policy isn’t necessarily an argument for or against the proceedings themselves. Analyzing the potential outcomes of a situation is an important strategic tool and shouldn’t be seen as a judgement regarding the situation itself. Whether you feel the impeachment proceedings are justified or not, America will have to operate in the world at large during this period of infighting.

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A weaker diplomatic position

Debate is ongoing regarding President Trump’s sometimes impulsive approach to foreign policy, with many taking issue with his combative approach to allies and endearing approach to despots; but one thing Trump has consistently done well from the White House is convey a sense of his “force of will.” President Trump works hard to cultivate the image of a president that gets things done, and while some may take issue with his demeanor, his aggressive approach does convey a sense of authority.