Last night Fox Nation broadcast its 2021 Patriot Awards hosted by Peter Hegseth at the Hard Rock Casino and Resort in Hollywood, Florida. Rather than the self-congratulating award shows of Hollywood and the music industry, in the Patriot Awards the red carpet rolls for Americans who have displayed their patriotism by acts of service to their fellow Americans. Rather than long lines of limos, $50,000 dresses, and millions in diamonds and jewels, the attendees to this event dressed pretty casually reflecting a decidedly working-class audience of ordinary Americans. As much as half of the audience may have been police officers, firemen, former and actively serving members of the military.

Awards were given for Most Valuable Patriot, Unsung Hero, Service to Veterans, Everyday Patriot, Heroism, Courage, and Modern Warrior among others. Fox Nation also presented an In Memoriam award.

(Fox Nation)

The Patriot Award for Courage was presented to the parents of Todd Beamer of Flight 93. On September 11, 2001, the passengers of Flight 93 banded together to fight the hijackers and prevent the airliner from being turned into another missile aimed at the U.S. Capitol.

The Fox Nation Courage Award was given to Ilan Strulovicz by Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson. Strulovicz, who owns Egard Watch company, produced a television commercial that supported law enforcement at a time when radicals on the Left were painting them all as deranged, racist murderers and were demanding that police departments nationwide be defunded. His television commercial served to remind us all that we are joined together as human beings before we assume the labels of our occupations.

Fox News show host Dan Bongino presented the Heroism Award to retired Green Beret, LCOL Scott Mann who led an organization called Task Force Pinneaple that worked to bring hundreds of friendly Afghans out of the country during the U.S. evacuation at the Kabul airport.

The In Memorium award was presented by Fox News commentator Sean Hannity. It recognized the 13 Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers who died at Kabul airport when a suicide bomber exploded in the midst of densely packed families seeking evacuation, killing hundreds of them.

Taylor Brandt receives the Back the Blue award presented by Nancy Grace. (Fox Nation)

Army 1stSgt. John Goudie was given the Modern Warrior Award. Serving in Afghanistan in April 2012, Goudie was shot three times by a Taliban terrorist who had joined the Afghan army. His injuries were severe. He lost his left leg below the knee and required a titanium upper arm and shoulder reconstruction. Rather than retire on an honorably won and total disability, Goudie, in an incredible feat of determination and resolve, underwent a torturous course of physical rehabilitation and reconditioning to return to active duty the following year. Following the presentation of his award, Sgt Goudie was given a new home personalized for his use by Building Homes for Heroes founder Andy Pujol.

While there was certainly a Conservative political tone throughout the program with the crowd at one point chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!” in mockery of President Biden, the awards themselves should be something Americans, in general, would be able to unite around. It may be indicative of the politically divisive times we live in that recognizing simple acts of patriotism seem to fall on the right side of the political spectrum. Patriotism simply expressed as respect for the American flag, service to other Americans, and love of country, really shouldn’t be a matter of Left or Right, but today it certainly seems to be. In this sense, the Fox Nation Patriot Awards are rather unique. While other media networks obsess over giving awards to themselves like Pulitzer and Peabody Prizes, Fox is giving them to its viewers.