With all of the hype and fear going around within the general public and media in regards to IEDs, I thought that I would shed a little light about this improvised weapon. In no way, shape, or form am I an expert in the field of IEDs, but I do hold a few certificates in demolition, one being “Master Demolition” (a Special Operations Demolition Course), and have had my share of IEDs, just as many service members, and lost a few good friends because of them.

Of course, the current events in Boston have sparked our interest in these explosive devices. Why wouldn’t they? They are hard to detect and counter.

I can still recall my first few experiences with IEDs, some that changed my perspective on war and life still to this date, watching one of my friends in Battalion run over a 155 mm mortar round, lifting his 40 ton vehicle 15 feet into the air.

The other incident occurred on a sniper operation in southern Afghanistan. My good friend and sniper steppd on a pressure plate, designed to take out an entire squad, during a hostage rescue.  The device launched him through the night air into a trench. On both of these incidents, both men said the same thing, “Is my junk okay…Check it for me. Other than that I’m okay.”