The U.S. is in the dark ages when it comes to utilizing women in the US Special Operations community. Female Navy SEALs, Green Berets, and Combat Controllers? Why the hell not? In all fairness, the Army beat us to it with the first female Green Beret Katie Wilder.

Hard-line thinking coupled with fixed ideology gets you nowhere.  The same thinking is what slowed down women serving in combat in the Military and prevented Gays from openly serving their country.  Regardless of your religious or political views, I’ll side with the great Economist Milton Friedman when he says that every human being has a desire and right to be free to choose.

I have no problem serving alongside females or people with different sexual orientations. I’ve been there done that and had my ass saved by more than a few. I don’t call them anything but Warfighters. I’m glad to see that the facticity of reality has finally overpowered hard-line fundamentalist thinking in the Military.  There’s a reason people like Michael Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation do the things they do.

So why does the U.S. lag behind other countries like South Korea and Israel (see this link with the female operative) when it comes to training women for covert Special Operations Units?

Why are there no female Navy SEALs, Green Berets or JTACs? I get asked the question, “Are there female Navy SEALs?” all the time. In my opinion, we should have them.

Nobody likes change. Throughout history it has been hard to imagine the earth rotating around the sun, our planet being round and not flat, and that women should have the right to vote.  We are facing the same difficulty now, but change is coming. I’m not here to opine about how the Catholic Church has been on the wrong side of most major advancements in science.  On the contrary, I want to talk about why there are no women in the U.S. Special Operations community. WTF over?

The Main Problem That Can Be Easily Overcome

Women and men cannot be closely confined by the expectation that they will not sleep with each other if given enough time. It’s against human biology to think otherwise.  I saw this first hand when I served aboard two U.S. Aircraft carriers (The USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Kitty Hawk).  5000 people and 10-20 % of crews these days are women, and it’s against regulations for single men and women to have sex on the ship.

The truth is that it happens with regularity, there are even code words for it (e.g. “want to play cards?”).  So good people continue to screw each other and some are caught and careers are ended.  Too bad.  We could learn a thing from Star Trek and their after-hours lounge.  People hooked up and went back to work fighting bad guys; just don’t let it interfere with the job. The solution is easy and I’ll get to it in a minute.