Government contracting has somehow gotten a strange cloak of mystique. Since humans have enacted systems of control, people have contracted. The King held court and those in the court proposed solutions and basically consulted to the rulers of their day in medieval times. Contracting – and outside solutions – is not a wildly new and corrupt phenomenon. Instead, they serve many necessary functions the federal government just doesn’t do.

In the federal government the true force behind the fight are government contractors. They’re a rag tag eclectic group of folks that fills a gamut of functions. Some firms just cover down on jobs and others consult to improve. I feel that often people equate government contractor to a number of different things. When you think of badasses that become contractors and you imagine a ninja, stop. But, these combat and intelligence related contract jobs are proportionally a smaller.

Even when they’re the lesser known and most elite contract positions – they’re still not critical personnel. Every contractor is filling a void.

If it’s a part of your plan, a temporary fix, and/or something you love – do it. Otherwise, if it’s not exciting and interesting (small % and probably mostly reserved for retirees, SOF, and those with niche skills) don’t do it. Embrace your future in the private sector or consider higher education. Don’t get stuck, like so many do, in a contracting cyclical rut.