I really do hate .40S&W; it’s really snappy and torques the wrist, doesn’t really do anything ballistics wise that a 9mm can’t, and it’s prone to malfunctions, primarily in Glocks. The pistol, however, I love. It’s a great little package that is an incredible everyday carry gun, I should’ve gotten the G26 but this one was a great deal I couldn’t pass up. I’m probably going to purchase a 9mm conversion barrel and parts for the pistol in the near future, plus a few magazines. Anyway, here goes a surprisingly positive review despite quite a few hiccups.

So I’m officially a fan of the Sub-compact Glocks now; they are so, comfortable sometimes I forget that I’m carrying it (not really though) and I can noticeably get in and out of my vehicle with ease, neither smashing my junk, nor getting gut checked. Gripping the pistol is mostly comfortable too, which comes as a surprise given its small stature and short barrel. I was able to shoot relatively well with an almost casual effort. It does a great job for what it is, and that is a small, highly concealable pistol that can effectively engage targets at close range.

My primary complaint is that without the pinky grip mag extension, gripping the pistol is comical and pretty ineffective as a practical firearm; yeah sure, you could make it work, John Wick kills dudes with pencils, but is it ideal? No. Glock only includes one magazine with the extension as well, what the hell?! I went out and bought a Pearce Grip mag extension for the second magazine, which gives me a plus 2 round count to the weak ass 9 bullet standard capacity, and now I’m quit happy with my setup. Doing magazine changes with speed and efficiency can be difficult because of the pistol’s short grip. However, with some practice fluidity follows.

Shooting the G27 was actually an enjoyable experience when it didn’t malfunction. Okay so it only malfunctioned like four times out of 300 rounds fired, but still that’s rather high compared to what I would normally expect from a pistol. I will say that three of those happened during one-handed shooting which the .40S&W has never liked too well, in my personal experience; the other was during standard two-handed shooting but towards the end of my range time so maybe my small bird wrists were getting weak from the high-caliber round and limp wrist was occurring, who knows? I was using Sellier & Bellot 180gr FMJ for all of the shooting done with the pistol, a solid brand that I have had great experiences with in the past. Other than that, shooting the G27 was great! Acceptable groups at various distances, not my best mind you, but minute of man anyway. The standard OEM sights were great for target acquisition, but I still plan to switch them for some tritium sights. I would definitely recommend this pistol for everyday carry, especially during the summer or hotter environments where light clothing is applicable. I think I definitely will be changing the gun over to a 9mm via the conversion barrel; that is a nice feature found in almost any Glock chambered in .40S&W, 9mm conversion kits are readily available.

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