The IDF is known for its use of technology to help solve life and death problems. One of those technologies being used today is the UGV or Unmanned Ground Vehicle.

Named Guardium, it is an autonomous observation and target intercept system that was developed by G-NIUS Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles joint venture company established by Israel Aerospace Industries and Elbit Systems. The Guardium system employs an autonomous system which can be operated from a command center to carry out routine patrols and quickly respond to evolving emergencies.

A new initiative by the IDF that began in 2008, the Guardium has seen a gradual introduction to everyday service. A result of a joint program between Israel Aerospace Industries and Elbit Industries, the Guardium is one of the first regularly operating unmanned security vehicles in the world.

The unit began as a small group of combat engineers who were assigned to a one-year pilot program. “When we first started operating the Guardium, it had its issues. It broke down constantly, and often needed to be rescued,” said Sgt. Vidal. “For that you needed combat soldiers who were also mechanics.” Today the system runs flawlessly, taking on a wide array of missions. Its reliability has reached the point where Sgt. Vidal is the only mechanic in the unit.

(the IDF Spokesman)

In the past year, the program has been gaining steam, becoming a regular sight on the Gazan border while preparing for a new generation of vehicles that will also include tactical weapons and recon technology.