Dedication for this write goes to NEWSREP brother David Paul.

I hunt human traffickers; that is what I do. I’m a human traffic hunter, or at least I fancy myself one. I carry kit every day on the hunt; I call it Every Day Carry (EDC), as I am sure many of you do as well.

My EDC goes in a black JanSport shoulder bag with many zippers and pockets because I insist on a level of organization, and black because it’s badass! The content of my kit is anchored by a pistol, a Glock-17 in my case, and a basic load of ammunition. There are other weapons there such as a dagger, a bludgeon, and some very spirited pepper spray — pshhhhhhht!

Mine is a generous suite of communications gear there in that bag: batteries, storage media, pens, tools of the trade conducive to an agent of correction. All is methodically organized in that package such that I can reach into it one-handed in the dark and find what I need in seconds.