A steady influx of American special operations soldiers have been passing through the Naval Air Station Sigonella in Italy. Boarding Dornier 328 aircraft without any military markings, they lift off and begin heading south. The aircraft, registered to the Sierra Nevada Corporation, likely belong to some combination of SOCOM, JSOC, and the CIA’s Air Branch. Most of these flights are destined for Tunisia, America’s current hub for counterterrorism operations in northern Africa.

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One U.S. Special Forces team was recently caught with their pants down on one such flight when the entire team had their pictures taken, which were then published on social media. It is a telling commentary on the times we live in; you can almost forget about sending white guys with M4 rifles on anything that is supposed to be a low-visibility operation, not in the world where everyone has a camera phone in their pocket.


Libya: Hillary’s foreign policy “success” story

After America’s 2003 invasion of Iraq, Muammar Gaddafi began to warm to the West. Reading between the lines, he was probably scared shitless that Libya was next on America’s target deck. Coercive or not, Gaddafi began dismantling his weapons of mass destruction program, which, in a pragmatic sense, was a horrible decision. Had he maintained WMDs, there can be little doubt that he would still be in power. Instead, at the urging of Hillary Clinton, who based many of her decisions on fake intelligence provided by Sid Blumenthal on her private email server, America led a coalition effort to bomb Libya and support rebel forces on the ground.

General Khalifa Haftar had been living in Virginia, in exile from the Libyan government, after being captured during the 1988 Toyota War with Chad, and was subsequently released in a deal struck by the United States. Traveling back to Libya during the 2011 civil war, he rose to become the new head of state, or at least the head of Tripoli. It doesn’t take a genius to see that there is a high probability that Haftar is the CIA’s man in Libya. Haftar rejected another democratically elected government—an internationally recognized one, the General National Congress, which fled Tripoli in 2014 and is currently camped out in a hotel in Tobruk. Then, of course, there is the odd assortment of Islamists stretching from Derna to Sirte to Benghazi.

Admiral McRaven and General Cleveland worked the aftermath of the 2011 rebellion, making a series of missteps that saw America backing the wrong players. Elements of Special Forces and Delta Force were on the ground conducting operations, all of which were later shut down over questions about the title authorities under which these operations took place.

It is into yet another failed Middle Eastern foreign policy that U.S. Special Forces step into. Currently, American and French SOF are on the ground searching for viable partner forces and conducting targeting for drone strikes. Members of 3rd Special Forces Group are working the issues and morale is reportedly high, as they feel that the Greet Berets on the ground are finally able to impact important policy decisions, i.e. decision-makers are actually listening to what they are saying.