Key Judgements

KJ-1. It is highly likely that the Proud Boys will become energized and experience increased membership because of the recent negative media attention the group has received from partisan news outlets and journalists.

KJ-2. It is highly likely the Proud Boys will continue to be a counter element at political protests. Although the group does organize its own rallies, most of its activism is as an answer to adversarial groups like ANTIFA. It is almost certain that civil unrest in the U.S. will continue to rise in months leading to and following the presidential election. This will increase the likelihood of violence among opposing groups.

KJ-3. Despite media reporting, it is highly likely that the Proud Boys will not be designated as a criminal organization anytime soon, although the FBI has clarified that the group may have been tied to extreme acts. This will likely change if Joe Biden is to be elected president: President Trump recently declared ANTIFA a terrorist organization, and it is likely that the Proud Boys will receive that same treatment as a political move. 


If you have followed what has been going on in American politics or society over the past few years, there is a chance you may have found yourself wondering if the quote “abandon hope all ye who enter” from Dante’s Inferno should be placed in the arrivals entrance of every U.S. international airport terminal, just as it is placed over the fictionalized gates of hell. Tribalism has set in, and a diverse selection of factions have found themselves locked in battle in domestic political and social protests.

Since the 2016 presidential election, protests and direct activism in the United States have generally been steered by an energized public sphere. Various political and social groups have been formed, strengthened, and locked in a kinetic battle over the superiority of their ideas.

The fringe groups on the traditional “x-axis” model of the political spectrum have managed to gather significant media attention. The unfortunate reality of that is the hyper-partisan nature of journalistic coverage. It happens on both sides, with groups like “ANTIFA movement” on the left being used as political pawns for the right, and the “Boogaloo movement” on the right being used as a political pawn for the left. This hyper-partisanship makes it difficult to separate truth from falsehoods and analyze these groups objectively.


In the Swahili language, Uhuru is a word for freedom, liberation, and autonomy. In the West, the term has ironically been appropriated as the “battle-cry” of the Proud Boys, one of the strangest contemporary political groups to emerge in the U.S. Chances are, if you encounter the Proud Boys in the wild, you will hear Uhuru chanted in unison among its members.

On September 25th, 2020, Oregon Governor Kate Brown declared a state of emergency. Prior to that announcement, Oregon had endured months of hardship. Recent wildfires had wreaked havoc across the state, destroying homes and forcing families to evacuate. In the city of Portland, protests for law enforcement reforms resulted in almost nightly riots, violence, and destruction, caused by primarily left-wing groups like ANTIFA and their allies.