SIG has a new motto proclaiming themselves a “Total Systems Provider.” They seem to be living up to that name by making not only handguns and rifles but also optics, flashlights, lasers, sights, suppressors, and more. The SIG Romeo5XDR is just one of many optics on a long list of them. Numerous forces, including the FBI, have approved the Romeo series, and these same optics have been found on rifles used by SAS Operators. The Romeo5 series is the more affordable model designed to be compact, lightweight, and simple. The Romeo5XDR seems to be a hidden gem among the Romeo5 series.

XDR is an acronym that tells you everything you need to know about what makes the XDR different from the standard Romeo5. X stands for extended battery life, and the Romeo5XDR will last for 50,000 hours on a single AAA battery. The DR stands for the dual reticle. The first reticle is your standard 2 MOA red dot, nothing fancy, but something can be said for the efficiency of simplicity.


The second reticle is my favorite. It’s inspired by the famed Eotech reticle. It is a 65 MOA circle around a 2 MOA red dot. This gives you a bigger aiming point for quicker close quarter’s use and the smaller 2 MOA dot for longer range, more precise shots.

What’s Important about the SIG Optic?

The long battery life and dual reticle are a nice touch, but there are a few more things you should know about the Romeo5XDR. It’s rated IPX-7 for waterproofness. This means it can be fully submerged up to 3 meters.

It uses SIG’s MOTAC technology to have an always-ready optic. MOTAC stands for Motion Activated, and the Romeo5XDR has a built-in on/off switch based on how much motion the optic picks up. When left still, like in a gun safe, the optic automatically switches off. However, as soon as it’s grabbed, the reticle comes on, and the optic is ready.

This system sounds fishy, but it works very well. It’s very sensitive to motion and activates with the slightest vibration. The MOTAC system is very well designed and still gives the optic a long lifespan with a single battery.

The controls are simple and placed on top of the optic. Simple + (plus) and – (minus) signs adjust the reticle’s brightness and act as the on and off switch too. Hold either button down long enough, and it will shut off or turn on. Hold both buttons down, and you can switch the reticles around. The Romeo5XDR has eight daylight settings and two-night vision settings.

How does the SIG Romeo5XDR Run?

The riser included is made for AR height sights. I’ve used it across multiple firearm platforms, including shotguns like the IWI TS 12 and the Mossberg 930SPX, and it still works well. It’s rocked and rolled on AR 15s, more than one Pistol Caliber Carbine, and has a semi-permanent home on the Micro Scorpion. It zeroes between guns with ease, and the turrets are quick and easy to adjust.

The optic is compact and lightweight. The optic weighs 5.6 ounces and has a small 20mm objective lens diameter. It’s light enough to mount to nearly any sized gun without becoming unbalanced or obnoxious. The optic works well on a full-sized rifle, just as well as it does on a small SMG.

The Romo5XDR presents a very clear and crisp dot that doesn’t become a bright star at higher power levels. I prefer the circle and dot reticle and find it best to use the bigger circle for fast shooting. At close range, I just fill that big circle up with my target and start pulling the trigger. When I get to greater distances, or if I have to be precise at close range, I can swap my focus to putting that small dot on the target and slowly pull the trigger.

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Like any red dot, the SIG Romeo5XDR makes me faster in every way compared to iron sights. I can get on target and transition between targets faster, and shoot more accurately in nontraditional positions.

Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

The SIG Romeo5XDR series is well worth its relatively low cost of admission. Compared to other low-cost red dots, I find the value and durability offered by SIG to be superior to most. The Romeo5XDR is a fantastic optic that punches well above its weight.