SOFREP is running a weekly feature for the Art of War in partnership with Uniting US, a non-profit charity that empowers veterans through the healing powers of the arts. Uniting US has graciously provided us with some very high-quality images of the work of their artists to share with you. Artists working with Uniting US have exhibited their work at places like the Pentagon, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and Dulles International Airport. Some of the art is for sale if you are inclined to support the worthy mission of this charity.

Cynthia Scott 

Veteran – Air Force 1979-2007

The Towers

Watercolor Painting mounted on Wood Panel 

24″x 32″


About the Artist: Born in Boston, Cynthia Scott was a military nomad both as a child and an adult. I am settled in Frederick, MD as a working artist and co-owner of 3 Roads Communications. All that changed after 9/11 when she was mobilized to the Pentagon. 

As an Air Force reservist, Cynthia was called to duty and mobilized to the Pentagon right after September 11. Abruptly, her life as a full-time artist and spouse to an airline pilot changed to a focus on service to the country. This ultimately led her to a new life in Washington DC.  

Reflecting on the upheaval and after-effects of the Twin Towers attack, the traditional 16th Major Arcana Tarot card depicts a stone tower struck by lightning, with people falling from the building. Looking back, the unreal image of the burning World Trade Center Towers on September 11th is uncannily similar. In Tarot readings, the Tower asks, “What is revealed? How is my life radically changing? What is lost, what remains?” This version of the Tower emphasizes the powerful explosion and fire which triggered a renewed strength and resolve demanding freedom and independence.  

Uniting US is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that works to inspire, empower, and unite veterans, their family members, and the communities in which they live through the healing power of the arts. To purchase this artwork, learn more about this artist or hundreds of other military artists, or make donations please visit