The trouble with Syria is that it’s getting harder and harder not to ignore the civil war when estimates of the dead are reaching close to a hundred thousand, and with what looks a lot like genocide happening.  To put that number in perspective, U.S. casualties in both Iraq and Afghanistan (pictured) since 9-11 pale by comparison.

So how many mass graves does it take for American and coalition intervention? An important question to think about.


Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 4.00.16 PM

A big issue, and something I’ve discussed before, comes down to America’s troubled Foreign Policy strategy. It’s drifted in ambiguity and double-talk with no significant ROI (Return on Investment) for some time now. And sorry folks, it’s happened during both the Bush and Obama administrations.  This needs to change; meanwhile Kerry is a globe-trotting chicken with his head cut off.  If the State Department’s strategy was effective, the world would be a safer place since September 11th, 2001, and it’s not. It’s more dangerous and unstable then ever.

U.S. intervention in Syria is imminent, in our opinion. This will most likely look like a no fly zone, overt weapons support (covert has been happening), and Special Ops advisors on the ground but unseen.

It will hopefully be a smarter version of what happened in Libya, only this time maybe we’ll be more careful about arming rebels, like the man featured in this video, who could go on to start more trouble after regime change happens. It’s a dangerous game that should be played out with a well thought out strategy… a strategy that currently doesn’t exist.

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