The world is a strange place to live in right now. Economies are in a new era of “print cash and hope it works out.” The sands of supply chains are shifting in the night. Then there’s the rich version of Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America, only it’s for the COVID vaccine.

What the heck do I know about the medical industry?

I’m not a doctor but I’d consider myself a smart observer, given the extensive medical training I received in the military.

I still cringe when I remember my time through IV training. My veins are not easy to find, and during SEAL tactical training we received extensive combat first aid courses. The fear of needles went away after being tortured by gorilla-handed SEALs taking turns poking me with a large gauge needle, trying to find a good vein. After I was done I had tracks that would rival the heroin addicts in Trainspotting.

Over the years I’ve administered self-care to family, friends, and yours truly. Mostly stitches, and off-the-shelf antibiotics (you can get many over-the-counter outside of America).

The Allure of America

I think I had COVID early on but early tests were so inaccurate (according to my New York doctor) that it’s hard to tell. I’ve traveled extensively during the latter part of the [andemic, and actually enjoyed the low airfares and uncrowded airports.

My teen daughter contracted COVID after I was sick. She lost smell and taste but bounced back after a couple of weeks. Ahh, to have a teen immune system again! You know what I’m talking about!

Then I decided to knock off a few more cities on my South American bucket list.

My ears perked up when I traveled to Colombia and spoke with friends and their friends. All 30 people had one thing in common.

Every moderately wealthy person I met the last month of traveling Colombia and Mexico has made the trek to the U.S. to get vaccinated.

Mostly in Texas and Nevada (Vegas).

Most aren’t citizens but visa holders.

Who can blame them? Ask yourself what you would do?

Makes me wonder if this would happen with Trump in office?

It does shine a light into the dark corner of the inadequate medical services available to even the super-wealthy in Latin America and elsewhere.

US Army Begins Giving The Boot To Soldiers Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine

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Then India had its COVID version of exploding kittens. India is a massive country with a huge emerging economy.

They have become experts at reverse-engineering new processes for manufacturing drugs. These generic drugs are sold at a fraction of the cost of their big-label cousins in America.

India’s generic drugs represent 20 percent of global exports and their pharmaceutical industry is approaching $100B in market size.

Several business owner friends of mine from India have been, or are in transit, to America to receive vaccinations as well.

Stuff to Think About About the COVID Pandemic

What’s interesting to me is that global supply chains are in a state of disruption.

The slow roll-out of vaccines across Europe points out the slow-moving bureaucracy that is the EU.

What will Biden’s America do to dig us out of the recession? The recession that really hasn’t hit yet because we’re printing money and lending it for close to nothing? Investing in roads, bridges, education, and healthcare seems like a no-brainer to me.

Will the income divide get wider in America despite Biden’s intentions of taxing the rich. I think so. 

After the pandemic, will the U.S. really want 90 percent of its drugs being made in China? Probably not and this opens up a massive opportunity for Puerto Rico, once a large manufacturer of drugs.

How many foreigners has American vaccinated? I’m not sure we are even tracking this.

Who will come out of the pandemic stronger economically? China is clearly leading the pack but America isn’t far behind.

At least America can be great again for delivering trusted vaccines to all that need them and can afford the plane ticket.