The world is a strange place to live in right now. Economies are in a new era of “print cash and hope it works out.” The sands of supply chains are shifting in the night. Then there’s the rich version of Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America, only it’s for the COVID vaccine.

What the heck do I know about the medical industry?

I’m not a doctor but I’d consider myself a smart observer, given the extensive medical training I received in the military.

I still cringe when I remember my time through IV training. My veins are not easy to find, and during SEAL tactical training we received extensive combat first aid courses. The fear of needles went away after being tortured by gorilla-handed SEALs taking turns poking me with a large gauge needle, trying to find a good vein. After I was done I had tracks that would rival the heroin addicts in Trainspotting.