The increased use and threat of drones and the lack of a dependable network to counter them has been identified as a “concerning tactical development” by the military as a whole but especially by the U.S. Central Command.

The Pentagon, after identifying the lack of institutionalized training in defeating the ever-increasing drone threat, is developing a joint strategy dedicated to countering small unmanned aircraft systems.

Maj. Gen. Sean Gainey, Director of the Joint Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office and Director of Fires, G-3/5/7 recently said that artificial intelligence and machine learning are crucial to the new strategy. Currently, close to 90 percent of the military’s counter-drone capabilities are electronic warfare-type systems.

“We see the threat continue to proliferate in the [U.S. Central Command area of responsibility], and now we’re starting to see more use globally and even in the homeland,” Gen. Gainey said.