Our modern world certainly isn’t short on threats — from lone wolf terror attacks to state level threats like a nuclear North Korea to worry about on the global scale and good old-fashioned home invasions and murders to stress over on the local front, it can feel like there’s never been more to prepare for if you’re the type of person that prides themselves on being prepared, but there’s one handy government website that might be able to help.

Ready.gov has been around since 2003, offering an extensive list of potential emergencies you and your family may face and offering guidance on things you can do before hand, during, and after such a catastrophe to improve your chances at survival. The threats addressed on the site range from day to day concerns like a house fire all the way up to disasters with global ramifications like tsunamis, pandemics, and even space weather. When visiting the site, you can click on any of these disaster scenarios on the right-hand side of the screen to learn about the nature of the threat posed and how best to mitigate it.

Lots of the information offered on Ready.gov, of course, comes off a bit like common sense — but that’s the real value of spending a few hours on a site like this. If you’re interested in becoming an expert in one specific type of threat you feel is impending (sort of like the novelty awarded to each lunatic featured on “Doomsday Preppers”) you may want to seek out some peer-reviewed papers on that specific topic, but if you’re interested in ensuring you and your family are prepared for a broad variety of potential disasters, Ready.gov offers an invaluable crash course in multiple possibilities and in reasonable, pragmatic solutions to problems most tend not to consider.