If you’ve heard of the word “blockchain,” you’ve probably heard it in conjunction with terms like bitcoin, cryptocurrency, ethereum, altcoins, miners, ledgers, hashrates — the list goes on. There seems to be a hazy world of investments and markets out there that, somehow, people are making insane amounts of money off of, but many don’t understand. On top of that, people talk about how revolutionary the blockchain is, but are honestly also not quite sure just how revolutionary.

Well you’re not sure just what it has to offer, you’re not alone. The VA has claimed to be interested in possibly using blockchain technology, they’re just not quite sure how yet and they remain admittedly skeptical. However, they do see it as a possibility with exciting implications. Charles Worthington, the VA’s chief technology officer, said in an interview with GovernmentCIO Magazine that,

I think we’re going to be coming to industry with problems we have, and if you think blockchain is an appropriate solution, bring it to us … We’re really looking to industry for the best ideas, and trying to be nimble enough to take advantage of those as this market evolves.”

While this seems like another way for the VA to stall progress, it also shows a willingness to step outside their internal system that constantly trips itself up. A step outside their inner circle could enable them to use the rapidly evolving technological world to upgrade their systems across the board. An attitude like that, blockchain or not, could be very healthy.