The Trump administration announced on Thursday that the US would be placing more sanctions on Venezuela to gain some satisfaction from the country’s ruler, president Nicolas Maduro. According to a report from Bloomberg, the new sanctions are specifically targeted towards the South American country’s gold base; thus making it harder for Venezuela to continue to trade with foreign states.

According to a press release from President Trump, the new sanctions are the result of “actions by the Maduro regime and associated persons to plunder Venezuela’s wealth for their own corrupt purposes, degrade Venezuela’s infrastructure and natural environment through economic mismanagement and confiscatory mining and industrial practices, and catalyze a regional migration crisis by neglecting the basic needs of the Venezuelan people.”

In the past, the Maduro regime has transferred vast sums of bullion to overseas banks, mostly in Turkey. According to a report from Voice of America, these moves were direct attempts to surreptitiously avoid US sanctions.

Although Venezuela is the primary target of the new order, President Trump’s National Security Advisor, John Bolton, announced that additional sanctions were likely to come shortly against Cuba and Nicaragua. Bolton said the two countries along with Venezuela comprise a “Troika of Tyranny.”