Safer Transportation

The Biden administration is set to dramatically expand the scope and number of weapons and other military equipment we are sending to Ukraine as part of a second $800 million military aid package. Set to go in this second round of aid are armored Humvees. One hundred of them. After all, what good is a soldier if he can’t get from point A to point B safely?

The M1151 Enhanced Armament Carrier. Image Credit:

Not the Terminator’s Humvee

We’ve all been familiar with the Humvee since Arnold Schwarzenegger made them famous by buying a couple in the early 80s and converting them for civilian use. However, this variant, my friend, is not Arnold’s Humvee.

First off, we need to get the names right. According to the military, which has to have a confusing acronym for everything, these vehicles are technically HMMWV (High Mobility Multi Wheeled Vehicles). Yes, I agree; Humvee has a lot nicer ring to it.

In particular, the variant shown in the photo above is an M1151 enhanced armament carrier. You’ll hear these more commonly referred to as “armored” or “up-armored” Humvees. However, these also qualify as “Light Armored Cars” in military speak. The M1151 was designed to replace the M1025A Humvee by order of CENTCOM (United States Central Command). There was a good reason for that.