We began the week remembering those that fell at Pearl Harbor. We were humbled to share the tale of the men of the USS Oklahoma — trapped inside a sinking ship — and moved to reflect on why the attack is so ingrained in our way of life. It is a day we will never forget.

We tracked several events from abroad this week: a U.S. airstrike pummeling terrorist targets in Somalia, Morocco normalizing its relationship with Israel and winning itself unfettered access to the oil-rich Western Sahara, and tensions in the Mediterranean flaring irrespectively of NATO’s so-called influence.  

We were honored to welcome General Donald Bolduc to SOFREP this week. General Bolduc, who logged 10 tours in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2013, broke down the war in Afghanistan and shed light on our biggest missteps in the nearly two-decades-long conflict.

But the biggest news this week was at home, and from among the ranks.