Governors across the U.S. continue to activate National Guard troops in response to the civil unrest that has rocked the country after an African-American man was killed while he was being arrested by police officers in Minneapolis.

In Minnesota alone, the State wherein the incident took place, more than 5000 Army and Air Force National Guard troops have been activated.

National Guards troops are being primarily used in a support role to the local law enforcement and emergency services departments. This entails securing police departments, fire stations, and state buildings and safeguarding paramedics and ambulances as they treat and evacuate people from the affected areas. Moreover, National Guard troops are providing intelligence and surveillance support. However, since each National Guard unit reports to its state’s governor, their role might vary according to the situation in their state.

Air Force General Joseph Lengyel, the Chief of the National Guard Bureau, said in a press statement that “We plan, train and prepare for emergency response missions with our local, state, and federal partners. We’re part of the communities we serve. We know the police, fire departments and hospital workers. We know their capabilities because we live with their capabilities.”