Today the families of SFC Matthew Lewellen, SSG Kevin McEnroe and SSG James (Jimmy) Moriarty held a press conference to demand accountability from the Jordanian government after one of their soldiers identified as Muarek Abu Tayeh brutally murdered the three 5th Special Forces Group soldiers during a routine checkpoint stop outside a military facility.

Part of the families’ statement reads:

Muarek Abu Tayeh, sometimes referred to as Cpl Al-Tawayha, is a Jordanian Air Force soldier who shot and killed SFC Matthew Lewellen and SSG Kevin McEnroe without warning then stalked and killed SSG James Moriarty. Only one American Special Forces soldier would survive the attack at the King Faisal Air Base in Al Jafr, Jordan on November 4, 2016.

11 other soldiers of the Jordanian Air Force or Army stood by, even after recognizing that our troops were Americans who lived on the base, traveling through the same gate, day after day, without lifting a finger to protect our soldiers.