Author’s note: For the uninitiated, Jody is the fictional guy who is back home putting the moves on our significant others while we’re deployed.

Last month, three infantry Marines (Sergio Medina, Rodrigo Sanchez, and Leonardo Ortiz) took a plea deal and were sentenced for robbery. The incident ended their military careers and landed them in state prison. Their sentences vary from three years for the co-conspirators to six years for Medina, the husband and organizer of the incident.

The incident started when Medina either did some snooping on his wife’s phone and found out about the other man, or she confessed. That hasn’t been made clear, although she did note to police that he knew her Snapchat password. While he was deployed, she had been cheating. According to her, she had tried to break it off, but he persisted. According to the other man, she had said she was separated and filing for divorce.

On leave following deployment, Medina called two fellow Marines who lived nearby. The three of them lured Norman Early (i.e. Jody) to the house, posing as Medina’s wife, Diana Reyes, on Snapchat. She waited in the back of the house and listened to the pummeling that followed.

When Early entered the house, the three Marines donned hockey masks and gave him the beating of his life, hog-tied him with zip ties, choked him with a belt, and shoved a sock in his mouth and sealed it with duct tape. They held him for 20-30 minutes, striking, kicking, and interrogating him about his relationship with Reyes.

Early sustained multiple abrasions, had both eyes swollen, suffered an orbital fracture, and had to be placed on dialysis for kidney failure.

Jody post-beating courtesy of

Upon releasing him, the Marines took his wallet and phone, telling him that they knew where he lived and not to go to the police. He then drove for several blocks before pushing the EMS button on his OnStar unit.

The next morning, Early was in the hospital, giving his statement to police. He recalled that the men in hockey masks referred to the leader as “Sergio.” Police officers caught Medina in a car shortly after, and he gave up the location of Sanchez and Ortiz.