This week, SOFREP TV’s show “Training Cell” will take you into the hot, humid, and dangerous world of jungle warfare and combat tracking.

In order to engage the enemy, you have to find them first.  “Training Cell” will show you how.

Watch former Army Rangers Jonas Polson and Mike Ayala break down how to close with your enemy in a jungle environment, and demonstrate the tactics employed by America’s elite Special Operations forces to destroy them once you do.  Combat tracking gives you the opportunity to bring the fight to your enemy, where you can bring the full brunt of your weapon skills to bear to accomplish your mission and get out of the jungle alive.

Polson and Ayala serve as the Director of Tactical Engagements and Director of Training, respectively, at the Shooter Performance Institute, an organization that provides specialized training to members of law enforcement and the United States military.

Here are some behind the scenes shots from Episode 7 of “Training Cell”

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